Gloucester Mansions, Central London

The Fallon Builders team was recently tasked with the external restoration of Gloucester Mansions. Sitting almost exactly in the middle between Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road tube stations, Gloucester Mansions is well and truly Central London.


The Job

‍Tackling the external restoration of Gloucester Mansions involved a number of individual jobs, all of which had to be completed to the exceptional standard that Fallon Builders’ clients have come to expect. The building comprises three levels, so there was plenty of work to be getting on with.

We meticulously restored the exterior stone, which had faded over the years, to a gleaming finish that matched its original lustre and character. We handled the DOFF cleaning of the stone and masonry – a gentler form of steam cleaning that can remove a large variety of substances from stonework without causing damage to the surface below.

We also overhauled and redecorated the joinery of the building, a delicate task that is vital for ensuring that Gloucester Mansions will continue to stand securely for years to come. After a roof covering overhaul and weathering detail overhaul, Gloucester Mansions was once again ready to take pride of place on Cambridge Circus.

The Result

‍The team was immensely proud of the finished job at Gloucester Mansions, especially because of how thrilled the clients were with the results. You can take a look at the images throughout this post to get an idea of how the finished building looked – full of character and colour, it sits perfectly alongside iconic constructions like the Palace Theatre.

A lot of pressure can come with jobs like these. Buildings like Gloucester Mansions are seen by thousands of visitors to London every day, including many international tourists. They are an important part of how London is seen by the rest of the world, and the team were honoured and thrilled to play a part in making the building look its absolute best.

If you have an external restoration or refurbishment project in mind, why not get in touch? Whether it’s as big as Gloucester Mansions, or perhaps a little smaller in scale, the team will be glad to chat through your requirements and make a plan to get the job done.