High-End Apartment Conversion Monmouth Street, Central London

While Fallon & Co’s home is in Essex, the team often find themselves working in London, especially for commercial jobs. Monmouth Street is located in London’s affluent, tourist-heavy Covent Garden – it's one of the seven streets that make up the iconic Seven Dials shopping and theatre district.


A client had a set of offices on Monmouth Street they wanted converted to high-end apartments. The Fallon & Co Builders team knew that high-end really meant high-end with this client, and these conversions needed to be top of the line in terms of quality.

The job was also undertaken in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic – so all the work had to be safe and covid-compliant. The safety and well-being of the team is always paramount, so this added an extra element that needed to be balanced in order to get the job done efficiently, and to the exemplary standard that Fallon & Co’s clients have come to expect.

The Job

Converting an office to a residential dwelling fit for human habitation is an interesting process. It requires ripping out pretty much everything that’s already there – plumbing, electrics, flooring, heating, fuse boards, fire systems, soundproofing. The whole lot! Offices have very different requirements to flats, so the first order of business once you get in is basically to revert the space back to being essentially a shell.

With this done, it was time to make the space into the kinds of high-end flats the clients were looking for. As mentioned, all the materials needed to be premium and top-end, so authentic Italian tile was imported in for the bathrooms.

Once you rip everything out of a property, you of course have to put it back in! So the team worked hard to install new kitchen fittings, electricals, soundproofing, fire systems and everything else necessary to make a place into a safe and comfortable home. The team also raised the roof of the property to give residents some extra headroom on the top floor. The bathrooms got luxurious shower systems, while the bedrooms got built-in wardrobes. The focus was very much on making sure that the client’s customers – high-end residents looking for a base in one of London’s most luxurious districts would have everything they needed.

The Result

Monmouth Street now hosts a clutch of luxurious, well-appointed flats in what was once a poky office space. With access to the many shops, theatres and boutiques that make up Seven Dials, the client’s customers have the perfect base from which to enjoy what London has to offer.

An office-to-residential conversion is our bread and butter. While some may think it’s a huge undertaking, it’s what we do – day-in, day-out. The works were done to the exemplary standard the client demanded, and we were thrilled to be able to fulfil the brief for them.

If you have a commercial space you’d like to see converted to residential, we can definitely help. Get in touch today with your ideas, and we’ll get started with the process of making them happen.