Repair and Restoration – Ching Court, Seven Dials

As professional builders and contractors who work in London, the team at Fallon Builders have become part of the city’s rich history. As experts in sympathetic restoration and renewal of old buildings, we are often tasked with helping preserve the historic structures dotted around the city, so that they will continue to stand for future generations.


Recently, the team was tasked by a client with restoring Grade II listed buildings in Ching Court, which sits in the heart of the iconic area of Seven Dials in Covent Garden, central London. These buildings were originally built in the 1690s by an architectural ironmongerers’ called Cormyn Ching, and have since undergone countless restorations as the centuries have gone by.

Ching Court contains one of the greatest concentrations of listed buildings in the city. Our task was to undertake a full clean, repair, and redecoration to ensure that these venerable structures were fit for the future. Check out the photographs in this post to see how we did, and read on to learn more about this fascinating challenge.

The team used materials from Terry Farrell's 1980s exterior restoration.

The Job

‍The buildings at Ching Court had undergone a major regeneration project between 1985 and 1987, masterminded by legendary architect Sir Terry Farrell. It’s considered to be one of the greatest restoration projects in the history of British buildings, and a stellar example of postmodern architecture, winning a Civic Trust Award in 1985. So the Fallon team had a lot to live up to!

With that in mind, the team’s biggest priority was staying true to Sir Terry’s vision. We sourced material and paint colours that were used during the original restoration project in the 1980s, so that we could restore the building in a manner sympathetic to the original.

The first task was the clean, removing the grime that will inevitably accrue on a building's exterior facade in an area as urbanised as London. Next was repair, fixing up any damage that had been done to the doors, windows and brickwork of the buildings, and then the redecoration, where we were able to use the materials sourced to revitalise the buildings just as Sir Terry Farrell had in the 1980s.

The Result

Thanks to the careful building exterior restoration work by the Fallon Builders team, Ching Court has been returned to its vibrant postmodern look. We’re proud to be part of London’s ongoing architectural history, and look forward to the next time we’re tasked with keeping a small piece of the city alive.

If you have a building restoration project in mind, the exterior restoration experts at Fallon Builders will be able to help. Get in touch with the team today, and let us know how we can help you to make it happen.