If your workplace is in need of refurbishment, Fallon & Co are here to handle your complete office fit-out. Working spaces tend to see a lot of use, and that translates to wear and tear – and sometimes, a space just needs a general update. Or, perhaps your team has grown and the space is no longer working for the number of employees who need to use it.

One of the most experienced commercial office refurbishment companies in our local areas, Fallon & Co can handle projects large and small. We’ll work closely with you from start to finish in order to get your office or other commercial space functioning just as you want it to.

Office refurbishment is a big job, with additional pressures – managers and business owners want to minimise downtime and get their office fully functioning as soon as possible. At Fallon & Co, our team of experienced constructors will handle your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Office refurbishment – what to think about?

Refurbishing your office can be really exciting. It can be a chance to rethink the workplace from scratch, or just to give everything a refresh and improve the feel of the space. Having a contemporary office space isn’t just a luxury – it can be key to attracting new talent and impressing clients – so it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you need.

Another good reason to refurbish your office can be to make it more COVID-considered. It’s important to think about the safety of your workers, and if the current office space is cramped and has people working shoulder to shoulder, it’s time for a rethink.

Here are some ideas you can bring to the table when thinking about your office refurbishment:

  • Improve the lighting – whether it’s by adding more windows for natural light, or improving the electrical light fittings, this can be a great way to improve the feel of your office space.

  • Improve the ventilation – doubly important now, making the ventilation of an office building work more effectively is great for hygiene and temperature regulation.

  • Overhaul the layout – maybe the layout just isn’t working any more. Perhaps a different configuration would make everyone more comfortable. It’s good to think creatively when embarking on an office refurbishment!

  • Include your brand identity – if you’ve got a strong brand for your business, your office space should reflect that. When thinking about refurbishment, it’s a good opportunity to refresh your office space to match your company’s identity.

  • Sustainability and energy efficiency – a refurbishment can be a good way to make your office more energy efficient, and in turn, your business more sustainable.

Office refurbishment – next steps

The experienced constructors at Fallon & Co are the ideal choice to fast-track your office refurbishment and ensure minimal downtime. The team will work with you at every stage, from design to construction and completion, liaising with external authorities or contractors as necessary.

Give us a call or get in touch to see what we can do to refurbish your office.


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