Garage conversions are a fantastic way to increase the value of your home with a relatively small amount of work. If you’ve got a garage that’s full of old stuff and generally goes ignored, it’s time to put it to work and make it a space for you and your family to enjoy again.

Converting a garage to a living space can have all sorts of applications, depending on where in the house it’s situated, and what you feel you need. You can use the space to extend your kitchen, giving yourself the space for that kitchen island you’ve always wanted. Or you could add a new dining room, a family living space, a home office – whatever it is you feel your home needs!

What are the advantages of garage conversions?

Converting a garage into a room with another function has loads of advantages compared to other construction projects. The cost of converting a garage will be lower than that of constructing a new extension from scratch. This makes it a great option for any homeowners who are on a budget, as a cost-effective way to improve your space.

Another advantage of garage conversions is that they tend not to require planning permission. The overall construction work is lesser, and there will be less disruption to your neighbours than a construction from scratch would require. This makes it much easier for you to hit the ground running and get going on improving your home.

Ideas for your garage conversion

Here are a few well-established and popular garage to living space conversion ideas:

  • Spare bedroom – a garage can convert to a great guest bedroom, perfect for visitors.

  • Gym – want to exercise more at home? Convert your garage into a gym! The space tends to be ideal for adding exercise machines and other gym equipment.

  • Extended kitchen – many garages are situated adjacent to a kitchen, and as such are ideally placed to form part of a larger, extended kitchen.

  • Bathroom – a garage can convert well into a downstairs bathroom, which is especially useful if your growing family are starting to squabble over long showers!

  • Office – with more people than ever working from home, converting a garage to a home office can be a really smart move.

Loft conversions

At Fallon & Co, we have a lot of experience of handling loft conversions. We know that many homeowners are concerned about the cost of a loft conversion, or just aren’t sure where to start, and so we’re here to help.

Loft and attic conversions tend to be a simpler type of conversion, and as such they are often cheaper than more ambitious projects. If you’ve got a loft in your home that has fallen into disuse and is mostly a place just to put things away, why not put it to work? A loft can convert into a playroom for children, a spare bedroom, a home cinema, a study, a home office, or a whole lot more besides. The only real limit is what you can imagine.

Depending on the size of your loft, the conversion might involve different levels of work. It may be most about refurbishment – laying new floors, adding new windows and generally making the space fit for habitation and regular use. Or, you may have a relatively small loft and want the space expanded. If this is the case, you may want to look into something like a dormer loft conversion, where a rectangular structure is added to a pitched roof in order to create more headroom and a generally larger space.

Fallon & Co specialise in loft conversions large and small – whatever your requirements, we’ll be able to get it done.

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Generally no. Most loft conversions fall within the criteria for permitted development. A simple conversion, perhaps with roof windows or another straightforward cosmetic change,

There is an important caveat here – every construction project is different. If your loft conversion significantly alters the roof space beyond its current boundaries, you likely will need planning permission.

The team at Fallon & Co will be able to advise on which types of conversions need planning permission, and help you figure out what needs to be done and who to contact. We’ll give you a fair and honest quote before any work starts, so you don’t need to worry about your loft conversion costs spiralling. You’ll always be in control.

Basement conversions

A basement or cellar conversion is another fantastic way to add value to a home. Just as with a loft or attic, converting your basement into another type of room can be a great – and cost-effective – route to enjoying your home more, giving you and your family more room to breathe.

A basement or cellar can make for a fantastic playroom or games room, an extra bedroom, a home gym, a studio for artistic projects, or really whatever you want it to be. Perhaps this is the way to give your home the wine cellar you’ve always wanted! At Fallon & Co, we encourage customers to come to us with their ideas – it’s then our job to figure out how to make them happen.

‍Why you need an experienced contractor for your basement conversion

Basement conversion can be a tricky process, as there are a lot of factors to consider. It may require current drainage systems to be diverted in order to make room for the extra space. Difficult ground conditions may mean that extra care needs to be taken throughout the process – e.g. if your home is situated on clay, sand, marsh or other such ground.

Basement conversions may also mean that access to the building site is restricted. A high local water table may also be an issue, meaning that pumping is required to keep the ground safe.

At Fallon & Co, our team of experienced constructors is equipped to handle all of the common difficulties that come with basement conversions. Whatever the particulars of your home, we’ll be able to use the appropriate techniques and equipment to handle the construction safely and efficiently. That’s how we’ve built up a long list of happy customers in our local areas – many of whom have come back to us time and again for different construction projects.

With any construction, it’s important to get a trusted and accredited team who know what they’re doing – and arguably this is even more important for basement conversions. At Fallon & Co, we have the skill and expertise needed to handle every step of your basement conversion, from the initial planning to the finishing touches. ‍‍

Residential conversions – next steps

Whatever your plans for your garage conversion, the team at Fallon & Co Builders will be ideally placed to make them happen. With strong roots in our local communities and a long list of happy and satisfied customers, we’re the right choice to handle your conversion. Give us a call or get in touch using the details below, and take the first step towards your garage conversion.


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