House extensions are the perfect solution if you’re craving a little more space in your home, but love the place you live.

Sometimes, we realise we’ve outgrown the space we live in, whether that’s because of a growing family, a new pet, or other factors. However, the answer isn’t always to move to a bigger home – it may not be financially viable, or you may just not want to put yourself and your family through all the stress that moving house can entail.

Instead, the best thing to do can be to extend your house. Whatever type of room or rooms you want to add, an extension can give your home a new lease on life, and provide you with many more happy years of comfort and enjoyment.

At Fallon & Co, we’re ready to help you realise the dream of your house extension. Our expertise covers detached houses, semi-detached, bungalows and terraced houses.

Types of house extensions:

At Fallon & Co, we handle all sorts of different types of house extensions, and this is by no means an exhaustive list! But here are some of the most popular types of extensions we perform, to get you thinking creatively about the possibilities for your home.

  • Single-storey extensions – these are a good way to add extra space like a dining room or a home office to the ground floor of your house. Single-storey extensions tend to be built either at the side or the rear of the house.

  • Wrap-around extensions – these are essentially a combination of a rear and side extension, wrapping in an L-shape around the corner of a house.

  • Double-storey or multi-storey extensions – good for adding an extra bedroom or bathroom, or a high-ceilinged room on the ground floor. These extensions are a much more significant undertaking.

  • Porches – small additions to the front or side of a house, a porch can be constructed from brick and plaster and be outfitted with complete electrical installation, or be a smaller, simpler and more affordable construction.

  • Conservatories – these relatively simple structures are a great way to give your home a new room that’s airy and flooded with light.

  • Sunrooms – similar to conservatories but different in a number of key ways, sunrooms tend to be made almost entirely from glass, including the roof and even the doors. This makes them even more sun-drenched than a conservatory.

Do I need planning permission for my house extension?

The answer to this question is simply this: it depends. Larger extensions that will involve more extensive change to the exterior of the house, and potentially more disruption to neighbours, will likely require planning permission. Smaller and simpler extensions like porches or conservatories may only require building control permission – which simply deals with the technical details of the construction from a health and safety perspective.

Our team will be able to guide and advise you on the permissions you need for your house extension.

House extensions – next steps

Our team of local home extension designers will meet with you at your property to discuss your vision and your requirements. Unleash your inner grand designer as much as you want – we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to make sure we achieve their vision for their home.

You may well be mindful of how much your house extension will cost. Once we understand your requirements, our team will give you a quote for your house extension, making sure you’re completely informed before any work starts.

Our experienced construction experts have a long history of happy clients in our local areas. Give us a call or get in touch to see how we can help you make your house extension a reality.


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