House refurbishment means a different thing to everyone, and we approach every job differently. Some clients are looking for a complete home remodel, while others are envisioning a subtler refresh of their living space. We will work closely with everyone involved in your home refurbishment project – including architects, local authorities, external contractors and whoever else is required – to ensure that your vision is achieved exactly.

We ensure that our construction is sympathetic to the existing character and fabric of your property, Your refurbishment can be exactly in-keeping with your property’s current character, or can be a radical stylistic overhaul – you’re in control.

Home refurbishment ideas: what to do?

It can be daunting to approach a home renovation project. What’s the best thing for your home? Where’s best to start? While every home is different, here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how to renovate your home.

  • Change the use of a room – if a room is not really fulfilling its potential, maybe it’s time to rethink its function? A spare bedroom can become a gym, a neglected home office could be an elegant dining room. It’s a fun way to start thinking about what’s possible.

  • Make an open-plan room – if you feel cluttered and like you’re tripping over yourself, it may be time for a more open-plan approach.

  • Modernise – if your home is an older building, there may be many ways to modernise. This can include higher ceilings, the addition of a modern staircase, a facelift for the doors and windows, or much more.

  • Remove it all and start from scratch – sometimes it’s the only way! If you’re bogged down and unsure of how best to proceed, a full-scale renovation project could be the best way to get your home working the way you want it to. And the best part is that you get to take full control.

Home refurbishment – next steps

We can help with terraced home refurbishment, as well as detached, semi-detached and more. We price our jobs fairly, give you a quote up front, and make sure to keep you involved at every step of the way. All this helps us keep the cost of home refurbishment under control, and give you the dream home makeover you’re envisioning, at a price you can afford. Get in touch on the phone or via email so we can start arranging your house refurbishment


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